Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Love Thy Neighbor

Name: Dorothy Davis
From: Lindenwold, New Jersey
Grade: 12th
School: Lindenwold High School
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I am a true believer of treating others as you would like to be
treated. The majority of my involvement in volunteering is in my
church ministries; Hospitality, Higher Standard Praise Dance &
Becoming A Young Lady of Excellence (BYLE) is a female ministry
designed to nurture and mold pre-adolescent and adolescent girls.
Daughter of Promise – This phase of our program addresses the complex
need of young women ages 13 – 18. We discuss critical topics, such
as self-esteem, peer pressure, faith, prayer, salvation, daily
devotion, identity, dating and relationships. Within this ministry,
there consist another program called (CAPS) – Community service,
Academic achievement, Personal development, and Spiritual growth;
which stress the importance of good citizenship and becoming active
volunteers in monthly community service projects, which I am also a

My volunteer work consist of helping to implement, and direct some of
the activities, discussion topics for group sessions, real-life
plays, outreach programs, making flyers, text/phone calls, and
emails. For example: one project consisted of: “Catch The Fire”
– A Thanksgiving Slogan, where a call for youth to come out and make
Thanksgiving care packets for the homeless in the neighboring
counties. We kick-started it with a pep rally, and the turnout was
enormous. We packed over a thousand bags after the rally, and
prepared care packets. The following day, we gave out thousands of
blankets, bags of food, hygiene packets, warm and cozy clothing to
the needy families. Another outreach program consist of us visiting
our senior citizens that are elderly and/or lonely. We play
instruments, sing songs, arts and crafts, and praying with them. I
am personally filled with overwhelming gratitude and a special
thankfulness to be in a position that help so many people in my
community. It is a pleasure to serve in the aforementioned ministry,
where I can actually see the growth in our young ladies, the
camaraderie, and the relationships that are formed, because of being
like-minded and on one accord. The joy and fulfillment I get when
attending to our seniors is a personal blessing.

I am also a volunteer at the Vogelson Library System, in Voorhees, New
Jersey, where we meet the learning, recreational and informational
needs of my community. I am on the Teen Advisory Board (TAB), where
we meet monthly to discuss and implement new programs for the youth.
Some activities include – Teen Book Club, Teen Anime Club, Nail Art,
gaming Fridays, where the youth play Xbox, Wii and board games.
Also, I served as a book & math buddy, which requires reading to
children ages 3 – 8, and helping them understand math principles. I
take pride in knowing that since I am a member of The National Honor
Society, and tutoring is a part of my duties; I can implement those
skills while teaching the children. I have developed a sincere and
unique love for serving, by fulfilling my volunteer commitment, but
most importantly, it has become a positive and joyous dedication.

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