Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Martha’s Table Experience

Name: Franchesca Morris
From: Washington , DC
Grade: High School Senior
School: KIPP DC College Preparatory
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As a volunteer at Martha’s Table, I had the opportunity to meet people
who were low-income and homeless in Washington, DC. The experience
allowed me to appreciate the struggles my family has experienced to
make sure that I have the basic necessities in life. I volunteered
for three hours per week.

Growing up in one of the poorest parts of Jamaica, homelessness is not
something that is new to me. But Martha’s Table, an organization that
provides clothing, healthcare and food to thousands of DC residents
is an exceptional organization. Working with them helped me realize
that it is difficult for people who are homeless to provide the basic
necessities for their family. Assisting in the kitchen and the thrift
store at Martha’s Table gave me a great opportunity to make a
difference in someone else’s life.

This life changing opportunity at Martha’s Table allowed me to have a
greater appreciation for my life. Homelessness is not choice but an
unfortunate situation that occurs when people experience hard times
economically and socially. Martha’s Table experience changed my
thinking as I am more open and understanding of other people’s
situations. I have become more caring to the homeless because I know
that it could happen to anyone. And I am more dedicated to fulfilling
the needs of the homeless by helping to provide healthy meals for
their family as much as I can.

I also realize my involvement with Martha’s Table has inspired me to
think of ways that I can give back to my community in Jamaica.
Homelessness and hunger is a major issue back home. I hope to
establish a homeless shelter sometime in the future to address the
needs for food and shelter in Jamaica.

Overall, volunteering at Martha’s Table, I am more compassionate towards
those who are not as fortunate to provide their basic needs and not
to look down on people who cannot afford to make a living on their
own; because the organization made me recognized that I could be in
the same conditions or even become homeless at any time.

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