Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Shaping Children in My Community

Name: Adrienne Wessel
From: Escanaba, Michigan
Grade: 12th
School: Escanaba High School
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Shaping Children in My Community

My most meaningful community service experience has been Big Brothers
Big Sisters. I chose this area because children represent the future
of our world, and children with difficult home lives often struggle
in school and society, and need to know they are cared about and
important in the world. I go to a local elementary school for two
hours a week and mentor a student one-on-one while doing homework and
playing games with the student. Many of the young children involved
are disadvantaged and often do not have a strong, admirable figure to
look up to. The past two years I have been mentoring a kindergarten,
and now first-grade boy. The growth I have seen in him is beyond
incredible. Not only did he learn a lot from his schoolwork, but he
also grew greatly in character. Initially he was very shy around me,
but he grew more comfortable quickly, and, while still quiet, formed
a solid relationship with me and the others in the group and overall
completely enjoyed himself. It was a great challenge to be able to
connect with this isolated young boy, but we have grown very close.
In addition, like many children, he had played games in such a way as
to ensure his victory, such as picking up multiple cards until he got
what he wanted, but his integrity has grown impressively. He plays
games honestly while enjoying them fully. I am so glad I got to be
part of that boy’s life, and that I got to form a meaningful
relationship with him and help him grow as a student and as a person.
In addition, I learned how to be an effective leader and how to
communicate better with children, peers, and superiors. I developed
patience and I can better deal with frustration when there seems to
be little progress. I have been able to develop more compassion for
these disadvantaged children, and I have learned over and over again
the value of volunteer work and giving back to the community. This
has also showed me that I want to continue to help children
throughout my life, and I want to eventually become a pediatrician in
a disadvantaged area of the country, or even elsewhere in the world.
My volunteer work seeks to improve the future of the world by shaping
the young children who will form that future. Through my volunteer
work, I want every child to know that they are loved, that they are
cared for, and that they are important. I truly believe that the
children I have helped will grow to be strong confident young adults,
who hopefully will be inspired to do the same in their community.

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