Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Shaping our Future Generations

Name: Kaylee Turke
From: Naples , FL
Grade: 12th
School: Gulf Coast High School
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Shaping our Future Generations

In elementary school, I was always thrilled when our high school
volunteer would come to visit. I would count down the minutes until
she would walk into our class, and when she did I would greet her
with an excited “hello” and a huge grin. I looked up to her
almost as though she were my big sister, and I listened to her
intently when I got the chance to work with her. I knew from that
year on that I wanted to be a student volunteer. I remember begging
my teacher to let me volunteer with her in middle school, but she
told me I wasn’t allowed to until I was in High School. So, as soon
as I reached my freshman year of High School, I contacted my teacher
and she welcomed me with open arms. I volunteered for two hours a
week my freshman year, and four hours a week my junior and senior
years of High School. While I skipped volunteering during sophomore
year to focus on school, I found another teacher at the beginning of
my junior year that I have formed a close bond with and I volunteered
with her second and third grade classes. She has me help struggling
students with math and writing, and I get the same greeting from the
students that I gave my high school aide when I was younger. Helping
shape the minds of our future generations gives me such pride and
joy, and knowing that I am making a difference in their lives makes
me extremely happy. It warms my heart every time I see the
bright-eyed smiles of the students, and I wouldn’t want any other
volunteer job in the world. I am so grateful for the volunteering
opportunities I have had and I am going to miss being a student aide
so much when I go to college.

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