Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – summer volunteer program

Name: Elizabeth Nieto
From: Santa Ana, California
Grade: 12
School: Valley High School
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I have chosen to volunteer in my Culinary Arts Academy summer
enrichment program working with middle school girls. I chose to do
this because I heard that I was going to be helping out young girls
from my old middle school and I wanted to have a chance to talk to
them about high school and how I can get to help them because I was
too in their position once. I was there for four hours 8:00am-
12:30pm , four times a week Monday through Thursday, for two months.
My responsibility as a volunteer was to help guide and demonstrate
the girls on the basics on how to cook, teach them about safety and
sanitation, and also be their to just answer any questions they had
on high school. My biggest challenge as a volunteer was honestly just
probably getting up early on my summer vacation. My most satisfaction
as a volunteer has to be the reactions how excited the girls get
seeing someone older encouraging them to try hard in school and to
get involved because high school is something you want to remember.
What I have learned about my volunteer position is to always learn to
humble yourself because you were once their lost and scared to enter
the next step in your life. I see that through this experience as
forward because I am learning to be a great mentor for others and I
want to learn to be a good example for others not im I only helping
others but that is encouraging me to do better. Forward looking to me
is to set myself a goal so that I can strive to what I want to
accomplish myself doing. What change I would like to see in this
world because of my volunteer activities is that our community should
always give back and that we should all learn to become mentors and
inspire each other to become better. I do believe my volunteer
activities would have made a difference because I hoped that I
inspired young girls to do great in school that it is beautiful to
see women to strive for what they want and believe in. Hopefully they
do the same like me and want to inspire young people to do great in

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