Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Volunteer Adventures

Name: Jordan Taylor
From: Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Grade: High School Senior
School: Mentorship STEAM Academy
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I feel like basketball has exposed me to a new world of volunteering.
From a young age my past basketball teams would help out around our
community, trying to give something that we did not always have.
People are so consumed in social media and material things now a
days, that we do not sit back and do for others. Everything is about
who has what or if I do not have it, how can I get it. Volunteering
for those who have less than me have allowed me to be humble.

My first big volunteer experience was through my mother’s job. It was
the end of the summer, and school was coming up. We volunteered at
our local mall handing out school supplies. The feeling was great,
despite having to wake up extra early. You could see the gratitude
and slight embarrassment of the parents, because times were tough and
they could not afford to buy school supplies for their kids on their
own. I respected them for doing what was best for their kids, a
lesson to noted for later in life.

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