Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Volunteering for our rights

Name: Maria Picado Sandi
From: Orlando, Florida
Grade: 11th
School: Colonial High School
Votes: 92

for our rights

In order to graduate I have been doing community service with Hispanic
Honor Society; we as a club work all year long with the organization
Mi Familia Vota, in order to register United States Hispanic citizens to vote and make
our community part of the majority of voters in our country. Once a
moth we have trainings where we review how to fill up the form, and
we go to Hispanic events, as festivals of certain country or to big
events that host most of the Hispanic population in Orlando. There,
is where we walk, we talk to people and ask them if they are citizens
and we register them to vote if they haven’t already. If not, we
also can help them to obtain their citizenship with the campaigns
that provide the assistance to fill up the N-400 form. In events like
that we can spend more than five beneficial hours, that for me are
the most helpful and bring me satisfaction because I am helping our
own society, not only my city, we are helping the whole Hispanic
Community in United States to be listened, to claim our right in a
legal and pacific way. Because if all the Hispanics that are citizens
would vote, we could make a big difference and we would stop
complaining and we would actually start making our voice to be heard
and we would show to every person in our Nation that the Hispanic-
Latino community is one that care about our political system.

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