Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Volunteering Today to Impact Tomorrow

Name: Dylan Crosson
From: Haymarket, Virginia
Grade: 12
School: Battlefield High School
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Dylan Crosson


Every Sunday for 2 hours since last August I have donated my time at my
local church and taught 4
and 5
th graders the importance of using the life lessons in the Bible as a
guide to being a good person. I have had to learn lesson plans and
activities to do with the children to really drive home the message
they were taught in a large group setting. Other responsibilities of
mine were to play games with the children and try to break them out
of their shell and feel comfortable sharing personal stories and
making new friends. My biggest challenge was trying to control a
small group of high energy children. I may only be in charge of
groups of eight to ten students but they still manage to get
rambunctious and can be difficult to get under control. The most
satisfying thing about my volunteering has been watching my group of
kids really blossom and show that they really are listening to me and
taking the lessons and applying them in their own lives. Watching
these future leaders and members of society grow and mature in a
positive way has been a truly eye opening experience for me. I have
been considering pursuing a career in teaching and this experience
has made it seem like an amazing way to have an immediate and
noticeable impact on the future. My volunteer position has taught me
how difficult it is to be a teacher because you want the students to
like you but you do not want them to step all over you, and how
challenging but rewarding teaching can be. When a student approaches
me all excited to tell me a story about an event in their lives and
how what they have learned at church helped them make the right
decision I immediately get an unequivocal sense of gratification and
confidence that these kids will grow up and make for a better world.
The change I seek to foster is an increase in the sense of community.
I wish to lessen the emphasis on self-preservation and focus a little
more on helping others. Rather than have these kids grow up believing
they are alone in life, I would like them to think that if they all
work together they can all achieve their goals. If I were to look
back on my volunteering at any point in my life the importance of it
becomes clear, it has made me a more rounded individual as I have
learned how to convey a message to young people and I have learned
how to present myself as a mature and responsible individual to any
parent or adult in general.

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