Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Volunteerism Changes the World

Name: samantha urbina
From: palmdale, california
Grade: 11
School: palmdale high school
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All of my life I have pondered the possibilities of traveling abroad to
help in schools in third world countries in order to educate the
people there. With the help of my teachers, I have realized that
there are small things I can start doing at home in high school to
help my own community, and then eventually, other countries.

Recently, a few classmates and I organized an activity that we called “Safe
Socks”. For this event, we gathered students from our school and
created socks with cute designs in puffy paint on the bottom to help
increase the safety of the elderly and disabled when walking on
slippery surfaces. This meant a lot to me since my grandmother lives
with my family and often slips on our hardwood floor. We then donated
the socks to Mental Health America. I also participated in other
community service activities such as making beanies for premature
babies, making blankets for the homeless, and giving tours to younger
students around my school. All of these little projects made me
realize that volunteering does create change and i can start right
here at home. There are many more things I plan on doing such as
making a book drive of educational books to send to deprived
countries as I figure out my way to the country itself and volunteer
there. As I wait on volunteering globally, I know that there are so
many things I can start doing at home to improve my community. I will
strive every day to find ways to volunteer in my community because I
know that everything I do can make a difference. Even simply
educating others on the importance of volunteering can create change.
This is how I know that volunteering changes the world.

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