Youth Forward Scholarship 2017 – The Help I Give The World.

Name: Nohemi Arellano
From: Fort Worth, Texas
Grade: 9th
School: Young Womens Leadership Academy
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help I give the world

When I was asked to volunteer for credit at school, I thought they were crazy. My
older sister works with nurses and giving immunization shots during
the summer, she asked me to come along and help to get hours for my
credits at school. The thought that I would actually like it never
ran through my head. I never thought that helping people would be
something that I enjoyed. Being around people that helped every day,
made me feel like I didn’t change anything, making me want to go
more often and spend my Saturday mornings during the months helping.

I chose the area of Health to help people around my community. At first I never really
chose an area to help in thought it was all going to be the same just
walking round and assisting. I never gave it a thought. But after the
first day that a I volunteered, I gave it more and more thought
throughout that day. I ended up just staying the Health area of
volunteering, I’ve always liked anything that had to do with
paperwork, talking and just taking care of people the way they

Thinking about it, I thought I was just going to sit and copy paperwork, working
with professionals and all but I did more than that. Since at the
time I was one of the youngest but yet I was fluent speaker in
Spanish they assigned me to assist with translating, they also needed
to help handing put paperwork, giving instructions on how to fill it
out, controlling lines, and lastly what I thought I was going to do
making copies of people’s paperwork for record.

Being the youngest in the whole group, at first people didn’t want to give me
responsibilities or things that they thought I would “mess up” I
wanted those responsibilities I didn’t want to get treated like the
smallest and immature one because of my age. So I had to do all the
things that I didn’t want to do and put in as much effort as I
needed to. I feel like that was one of the most challenging things
that I dealt with while volunteering, just gaining people trust, and
just making sure they trusted me enough to do other things. In the
beginning it was hard gaining there trust but now I translate for

Volunteering is much more than the great feeling that you get in your heart when
you’ve helped somebody or multiple people. I always use to think
volunteering was just something you did because you were lame or had
nothing better to do. Now that’s all I know to do with my free
time. It’s great seeing people smile and thank you for all you help
them with.

The most important thing that I’ve learned from this is the joy that comes
with volunteering and not seeing it as something lame that people do.
I’ve learned to enjoy what I’m put do, I’ve enjoyed helping
people on my free time.

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