Youth Forward Scholarship 2017 – Volunteerism as a Cornerstone

Name: Julian Drake
From: Santa Clarita, CA
Grade: 11th
School: Academy of the Canyons
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is a core of who I am and the cornerstone of my work ethic. It is my
belief that the genuine interpretation of an individual is
demystified in the manner one responds during adversity. In fact, I
believe that in those moments it is where admired and learned traits
are birthed. The trait that was birthed out of me in the midst of
chaos was leadership. I attend a church called H.O.P.E.’s House
Christian Ministries with 600 members locally and viewership
worldwide. I joined the Media Team at age 10. Over a two year period,
I was promoted to Media Team Lead. As team lead, I schedule members,
create cohesion, and maintain accountability. It was my duty to train
adults from 25-55 years of age for the position of Live Stream
Technician. This position brought constant challenges that required
leadership. One example was regarding failed procedures on Easter
Sunday. The problem arose when a special guest approached my team
member and requested song lyrics and a video to be projected during
service. My team member alerted me of the impromptu request. I
reminded the trainee that the media team policy prohibits requests
less than 48 hours. As the lead, I immediately modified the schedule
and alerted the camera technician, stage manager, and sound designer
of the change. I quickly researched the song lyrics and added the
video into the computer system. Moreover, I communicated with my team
to ensure cohesion and notified the guest that his request was
completed. In the eye of the storm, I contemplated: “should I
respond emotionally or thoughtfully”? I felt that leadership was
the best solution. I have trained many people and have learned how to
interact with adults in a professional manner. It has been my desire
to be an effective problem-solver. In fact, I have the desire to
assume leadership, to influence people, and to yield positive
results. Lastly, my trainee learned how to respond in a chaotic
moment, my technical crew appreciated the effective communication
with the last minute change, and the special guest was forever
grateful for my keen leadership.

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