Youth Forward scholarship summer 2016 – The Importance of Volunteering

Name: Rico Antonio Tyson
From: Colorado Springs , Colorado
Grade: 11
School: Sierra High School
Votes: 28

Importance of Volunteering

Hello my name is Rico Tyson and volunteer work is an important aspect of my
life. During my sophomore and junior year (2015-16), I took part in
volunteer projects with my Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps
program, an organization day which was held at my father’s job, and
completed Color Guard events, which consised of presenting the
American and State flag before special events and I set up a local
Color Fun Run.

During organization day I helped set up and cook food for the military
personnel and families. During the week, I volunteered 4-6 hours,
most of which was spent participating in Color Guard events. It was
my job to guard the American flag and execute the commands given to
me by the Commander. This is important to many people in my
community, being that my community consists of a lot of military
personnel who take great pride and honor in our upholding of the
traditions that serve as the foundation of their profession.  

During these Color Guard events, the biggest challenge I had to overcome was
my nervousness. We had to do these events at sporting events in
school and other events outside of school. There were always military
retirees and personnel watching us, therefore we knew we had to
execute correctly. At the Color Run my job was a little bit

For the Color Run, I was responsible for setup, which consisted of
assembling and planting flags so the kids would know which way to
run. Additionally, I had to fill bottles with powder paint and spray
the powder paint on the children as they ran by. When the event was
over, we had to pick up the cones and the flags, dissemble the flags
and put everything back where it needed to go.

During the Color Run, my biggest challenge was being able to interact with
the little children, because I was not use to communicating with
young children. I had to get them excited about exercising while
they got covered in powder paint. The thing that has given me the
most satisfaction about volunteering is being able to make others
happy simply by giving them some of my time. From my volunteer
positions, I have learned how to be a better leader and how to follow
good leaders. In order to be a good leader, you must be a good
follower. This allows you to gain perspective and see what qualities
others value in a leader.

I see the activities that I participate in as “forward looking,”
because this is want I want to do in my life. When I graduate
college I want to lead others to a greater goal. I plan to do this
by serving as an Army officer. My goal is to make the world a less
starving, homeless, and violent world by continuing volunteer work
across the country. Thirty years from now I want to look back and say
my volunteer work made a difference.

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