Youth Forward scholarship summer 2016 – Learning Curve: Passion

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Curves: Passion

Curves: Passion

Volunteering shows me I love working with children and helping people. First, I
would like to share my experiences volunteering at my school
blood drive in 2016 for the whole school day 8am-2:30pm. My
assignment was to direct people to different stations to complete
varies of a task before they are considering a blood donor. This
assignment saw easy in the morning but in the afternoon many students
rush in and a shortage of staff was a challenge. I would direct
students to the stations and have to be able to help students or
teachers who might need a little support after the blood donation.
Then I had to comfort nervous students because the previous year when
I donor blood for the first time I could feel my heart sink to my
stomach when my name was called to donor so I can relate and I was
not allowed to walk in the actual donor zone but I definitely knew
they felt much better after I encouraged them. During the end of the
day things slow down and my position was changed to snack table where
I would time the amount of minutes that each person has to stay and
regain their energy after their donation depending on their condition
of course. Depending how they look and feel students and teachers
would stay for a minimum of 6-10 minutes max. Some students stay for
the whole day other left after the 6 minutes.

However, my biggest challenge as a volunteer was to stay focus. I was
surrounded by all my friends. Especially during the afternoon hours
where lunch was taking place. Of course, we have lunch breaks but I
choose to take my lunch break when it wasn
as busy. I had to be able to focus on my assignment because if I
t do my job then it would mess up the rest of the staff because
everyone would be confused . Also, being on your feet the whole day
running around is a challenge for me someone that like to sit down
this was a wake-up call.

I actually enjoy volunteering because most people that you work with
show determination and passion about what they’re doing and it shows
in their work ethic which influences me a bit to become more active
in the role I play in my community . Second , I volunteer at the
nearest middle school in a program called Practice makes Perfect.
This organization was the first time I volunteer after freshmen year
in the summer. I worked 8am-5pm and I help children that barely
passed the grade with writing, reading, and math. I had a hard time
remembering 4th-7th grade math especially when they have specific
steps into getting the answer in math I just remembered math being
much easier however the standard has changed to a common core. My
position was to be a mentor I did this position for 6 weeks for 2
summers and had to work Saturday which was my favorite part.
Community Services projects such as food drives planting and making a
garden with the kids and clothing drives, food drives much more was
super fun. We gave out flyers ,sorted clothing and it was so
wonderful I regret not going back this summer. And free SAT prep in
the morning and afternoon was great for me. The volunteering does
make a difference in my life because I made a difference and that
a big thing! Not everyone realized that something that seems small
might not mean anything to you but to someone else you could be
changing their life. Becoming a mentor taught me to become a better
person and in general improve my ability to work with people.

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