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Volunteering at an Aviation Museum and support to our Veterans

Name: Sean Jolly
From: Virginia Beach, Virginia
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I chose to volunteer at an Aviation Museum located in Virginia Beach,
VA since by volunteering there I can help keep what our country’s
veterans did alive. I chose to volunteer there because it is
different than a lot of other causes and it is something that is very
meaningful to me. If we can keep our veteran’s memories alive of
what they had to go through, then we might be able to prevent it from
happening in the future. I have volunteered about 300 hours in the
past year to this cause, over 30 in the last month, and 17 in the
last week. While I volunteer I have several responsibilities, one
day you could find me sweeping the floors or pulling chocks on an
aircraft or driving a flatbed golf cart during special events or even
driving to New York to acquire new exhibits. One of the hardest
challenges while I volunteer is going back to these times when pilots
were battling each other in the skies and all they had between them
and the ground was just a little wood and fabric. I am thankful
every time I walk into the door for the service they did to our
country to make sure that future generations would live in a country
that was free. One of the things that I get the most satisfaction
about is when World War II veterans walk in the door to see their
aircraft screaming down the runway and the build-up of tears in their
eyes since it brings back so many memories for them. That is what
the museum is doing, that is what I am doing, keeping their memories
alive for future generations even if they are no longer with us. I
have learned a great deal from my time volunteering at the museum. I
have learned history, communication skills, aircraft safety, and even
how I can make an impact on others. This closely aligns with what I
would like to do once I leave the museum. I want to do something
that will impact others. To me, forward looking means that the
volunteering reflects what your future has in store for you. It
shows you the type of person you are going to be when you grow up.
Are you going to be helpful to others? Are you going to try as hard
as you can within an activity? When I look at myself, I see that
what I am doing helps keep the memory of our veterans alive. I hope
to show that peace is the best option and that war is not our best
hope for the future. The Military Aviation Museum shows that it was
not easy what the veterans had to go through. If I were to come back
at some point in time I think I would see difference that from my
volunteering. From being the first youth Aircraft Safety Observer or
first with 250 or 500 hours or helping acquire new exhibits.