Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2016 – One Life at a Time

Name: Katie Batten
From: Asheboro, NC
Grade: 11
School: Uwharrie Charter Academy
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Life at a Time

Katie Batten

you ever experienced the desire to help someone, but were too shy to
step out of the shadows? A few years ago, I realized I had become
this individual. Aware of the inaccurate connection between this
feeling and the love overflowing from my heart, I decided to make a

I jogged down the street, I noticed an elderly lady struggling to
carry groceries up the front steps of her house. Watching her battle
every ounce of her investments, I began to feel a deep pain in my
chest. Every part of my mind began to nag at me, demanding I remain
hesitant. Then, slowly yet all at once, the ache in my heart
outweighed the screaming voices in my head. From my head to my toes,
courage rushed through my veins as I realized this was my time to
make a difference. Completely voluntary, I rushed over to the elderly
lady. Bravery poured out of my mouth. “Here, let me help you,” my
voice shook. With a glow in her eyes, the lady thanked me multiple
times. As I finished the task, she began to tell me how grateful she
was for my help. The pounding pain in my heart had turned to pure
love within every beat.

time, we have developed a close friendship. Every Sunday, the elderly
lady, Ruby, and I spend hours together. I volunteer to help her with
duties around her house. She watches me from her front porch as I mow
the lawn, check the mail, pick up sticks, and carry groceries for
her.  Realizing how much I enjoy helping people, I decided to
start helping some of Ruby’s friends with similar tasks. After many
years of volunteering for the elderly, I’ve concluded that the most
satisfaction comes from the happiness shared between us.  I’ve
learned that sometimes loneliness comes with age. Because of this,
the ultimate goal of my voluntary actions is to spread the love that
extrudes from my heart to the ones who may need it the most. With a
feeling of accomplishment, I know that I have changed the lives of
many elderly individuals. My wish is that at some point, other people
will experience the same overwhelming emotions inside that I did.
Whether it’s carrying groceries, or just simply taking the time to
have a conversation, we can change the world one life at a time.

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