Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2016 – What Volunteering Means To Me

Name: Sara Maelee Jordan
From: Mount Vernon, OH
Grade: 12
School: Mount Vernon High School
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          Most people think that volunteering is something that a person does in
order to better themselves, rather than what it actually is; a
wonderfully rewarding way to donate time and give back to the
community. I started volunteering my sophomore year of high school
after hearing my friend talk about how much she enjoyed volunteering
through Key Club. I was convinced to join, and from then on I have
been completely devoted to volunteering. Every Monday for the past
two years I have gone to the Key Club meetings to get information on
opportunities to volunteer locally.

I have made it a goal of mine to try to volunteer at least once a week.
In trying a accomplish this goal, I have partaken in several service
projects such as volunteering at the hospital, handing out food at a
food bank, cleaning up the river, and many more. In doing these
projects I realized that I absolutely love giving my time to help
improve the lives of others. I will admit that none of the projects I
have done have changed the world on a grand scale, but honestly, I
think that’s okay. Seeing the gratitude on someone’s face when I
gave them food at the food bank makes it all worth it to me, that is
why I love and am devoted to volunteering.

In college, I hope to continue my service in college by joining Circle
K, which is basically just Key Club in college. In my high school Key
Club I have a leadership position as the Senior Class Representative.
The duties of this office include keeping track of club members
hours, communicating with our members, and offering new ideas at our
board meetings. I hope to continue having a leadership in college
through Circle K. Community service is something I am truly
passionate about, and hopefully by continuing to partake in it, I
will be able to make a measureable difference in the community.


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