Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2017 – Making a Difference by Volunteering in a Hospital

Name: Emily Rosenberg
From: Cedar Rapids , Iowa
Grade: 10
School: John F Kennedy Senior High School
Votes: 20

From before I could remember, I have wanted to work in a hospital and help
people overcome their illnesses. I could not exactly do that at
fourteen years old, so I decided to volunteer at my local hospital,
called Mercy Hospital. I started volunteering when I was fourteen
years old and have been doing it ever since. I am now eighteen years
old, and still love to volunteer whenever I get the chance. I
volunteer every Tuesday during the week from four to eight at night,
but during the summers I try to volunteer more. There are specific
responsibilities for different areas of the hospital for volunteers.
At first, I started out with helping out with the Outpatient Pain
Clinic. At the pain clinic, there were many tasks I had to do. For
example, I helped create the charts for the doctors that day, took
patients back to their rooms for their procedure, gave them their
patient gown, got them anything they needed, changed out the beds
once the patient’s left, cleaned various parts of the clinic, and
much more. Now, I volunteer in the Emergency Department, where I do
quite a few of the same things. I enjoy this environment because you
never know the type of people you are going to see and it has created
more excitement for me to become someone that can be helping these
people first hand and has only driven me to work harder in school,
volunteering, and work.

My biggest challenge as a volunteer is to not let my curious mind wander
too far while I am volunteering. Especially, in the Emergency
Department, I tend to get excited about a trauma coming in, I forget
the task at hand. This mainly happened when I first started, but has
increasingly gotten better. With challenges comes great reward and
with great rewards comes great satisfaction. The thing about
volunteering that has made me most satisfied would be the impact I
have helped create to better patients while I am there. I may only be
changing out beds and tending to patients needs, but I am helping a
wide variety of people, including the workers. If I did not volunteer
my time to help the workers, they would have to find time away from
their patients to do what I do. I feel one of the most satisfying
things about volunteering is knowing I am helping and impacting
people all around me. I have learned many things in my volunteer
position like how to care for another human being as best as I am
able to. Volunteering has taught me that there are lots of people
that need help in this world, and by helping some patients in the
hospital, by getting them what they need and changing their bed, I am
still making a difference. No matter how small or large, people can
make an impact on someone.

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