Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2017 – Making a Difference

Name: Crystal Schultz
From: Sterling Heights, Michigan
Grade: 11
School: Henry Ford II High School
Votes: 0

God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and the love you have
shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them”
(Hebrews 6:10). My parish has been one of the biggest influences in
my life ever since I was born. Even though I was born into a
religion, I am still fully involved by my own choice. My church and
its parish have taught me the importance of helping others. I began
my adventure in community service when I was young by serving my
church as an altar server. After all these years, I am still involved
in serving my church by ushering.

I extended my outreach out of my church and into my community and
school. Not only am I an active member in National Honor Society, but
I also work to encourage my robotics team to reach out. I don’t
necessarily focus on just one topic of volunteering because I enjoy
helping out my community in a variety of ways. For the most part, I
volunteer at least one hour every week. As a volunteer, I believe it
is my duty to help those who are less fortunate or going through hard
times. One of my favorite things in life is spreading happiness, and
community service allows me to pursue this. As a volunteer, my
biggest challenge is deciding where and when I want to volunteer. As
we all know, life is busy. I have made it, however, one of my top
priorities to give back to my school and community that have done
nothing but help me. I am extremely grateful for the blessed life I
was given and I want to use this opportunity to make a positive
impact on the world.

The thing that gives me the most satisfaction as a volunteer is seeing
the smile on people’s faces when I volunteer. I believe that
everyone deserves to be happy at some point in their life and knowing
that I got to be a part of it warms my heart. From volunteering I
have learned an abundance of things about the world as well as about
myself. For starters, I have discovered that life is hard and it is
more than okay to ask for help when you need it. There will always be
people who want to help you when it is sought out, so it is important
to speak up. Additionally, I have learned to always try and stay
positive because things could always be worse. I am thankful to have
a healthy life, have loving family and friends, have food on my
table, and have a roof on my head. Some people do not even have these
necessities, and it is our job to help them. In the future, I see
myself continuing on with volunteer work to help make the world a
better place to live for everyone.

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