Learning Good Practices Doesn’t Stop with the Driver’s Test: Thoughts on Car Accident Injuries & Deaths

As a leader in online drivers education for teens in California, we often get focused on the immediate and practical tasks at hands, that is helping teens to learn the necessary skills to be able to pass the California DMV’s written driver test and then proceed to the necessary behind-the-wheel test. The goal for a teen is obviously to get a California drivers license. The great thing about our system is that not only can teens study for the test online but also we are helping many young men and young women to achieve their dream of becoming licensed drivers in the Golden State. It’s exciting! (more…)

California High School & College Scholarship Opportunity: Youth Forward

College is more expensive than ever, especially in California. After the budget cuts enacted by the legislature, even public universities such as the flagship University of California at Berkeley and University of California at Los Angeles are almost out of reach of the middle class, as are our community colleges and the quality California state system, such as San Francisco State University. Today’s high school seniors and even those who are already enrolled in colleges here in the Golden State are always on the lookout for new opportunities to earn scholarship money. (more…)