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Permit tests passing statistics vary from state to state. But, we can take a number that closely resembles an average. In general, around 40% of students fail the permit exam on their first try.

If you are a student, you might wonder why that happens, and more importantly, how to prevent it from happening to you? The quick and easiest answer is – DMV practice tests.

What Are DMV Practice Tests?

You can think about DMV practice tests as a great training tool for the real permit exam. In most states, when completing thirty hours of driver’s education, you are required to take a permit test in order to receive your learner’s permit.

State statistics show the final exam poses a real issue for most students. Sometimes this is because they weren’t paying enough attention during classes, online or on-site. Other times students are simply not motivated, and finally, in some cases, they really need an extra few days to understand the course material.

Whatever the reason, the fact remains students fail the learner’s permit test. And as a student, you should do everything you can to pass on your first try. Otherwise, you will be paying more money and wasting more time.

A great way to prepare for the test is to practice it. Hence the DMV practice tests. You can test your knowledge test as many times as you want. And when you finally feel confident, take the real permit test.

How Do You Know Which Practice Tests Are Good?

When it comes to finding anything online, especially for free, there is a justified doubt that the product/service isn’t good. The same goes for DMV practice tests. However, if you know where to look, you can easily check if the tests are good enough before you spend any amount of money or time.

1. State-Specific DMV Practice Tests

Even though driving rules and safe driving techniques are similar from state to state, you need to find the practice tests containing your state’s rules and regulations. This may seem like a no-brainer, but many online tests contain general exercises and questions, without focusing on state-specifics.

2. Review Wrong Answers

How are you going to learn anything if the online practice environment doesn’t tell you what you did wrong? 

Find the practice tests that allow you to review your answers, memorize the correct responses, and retake the whole test.

3. Retake as Much as You Want

Taking the DMV practice test once is good to test your knowledge, but not enough to improve it. And the latter is what you should aim for. Try to find a practice test provider that lets you retake the exam as many times as you want.

Besides these three important points, you want to make sure the tests are DMV certified and made by driving professionals. Once you got all that down, and the provider doesn’t ask for too much money, you can rest assured the practice tests will do their job. Which is to help you pass the final exam.

Where to Find the Best DMV Practice Tests

You should look for online DMV practice tests. Once you find a school that has the access to correct questions, an easy registration process, and a large pool of different tests, you are ready to proceed.

Finding the right online permit practice tests is all about the knowledge you will receive after practicing. There is no point in paying and going through practice tests if you are not going to know more than before you started.

Therefore, it is crucial to find a driving school offering practice tests that point out your mistakes, give you the knowledge and correct responses, and also teach you safe driving techniques. 

It is also a good idea to take a look at the school’s Facebook page or other social media profiles. There, you can see what other students think about the quality of their tests and their customer service.

The Importance of Permit Test

Passing your permit test is the first big step towards your driving license. Afterwards, you still need to go through 40-50 hours, depending on your state, of supervised driving, a fraction of which has to be done at night time. 

Your permit exam tests your understanding of traffic laws, safe driving practices, and driving distractions. Successfully preparing for the test will prove that you understand all these concepts and that you will be well on your way to becoming a safe driver.