Let’s face it: everybody hates having to take tests. And when you are a teenager, it seems that life is just one long round of tests. Tests for this, tests for that. It’s just tests, tests, tests.

It’s fair to say that everybody detests tests!

However, can you just imagine what the roads of Georgia would be like without the Georgia driving tests? If just anybody could get behind the wheel of a car and drive, without having to prove that they are competent to do so? The accident rate would go through the roof, because you would have people driving who have no idea of what they are doing.

No Idea How To Brake – Learn to Drive

They would have no idea how to brake or swerve if an old age pensioner stepped off the kerb without looking. No idea how to perform an emergency stop. They wouldn’t know how to start the car on a steep hill. They certainly wouldn’t have any idea how to park, and if yours happened to be the car next to the gap, you can be pretty certain that the least that is going to happen is you’ve got a damaged fender.

So the Georgia driving tests are there for a purpose. They are there to make certain that you are safe to drive on the roads – not just for the safety of others, but for your own safety too.

Yes, you have to take a practical test. That is to ensure that you know how to handle the car, and take into account road conditions, traffic, pedestrian crossings, and all of the other 101 things that you need to know in order to be safe.

You also have to take the DMV Written Test

30 Hours Of Driver Ed Online for Your Georgia License

If you want to get your provisional license at 16 (you DO want to get it at 16, don’t you?) you also need to do 30 hours of driver ed. You can do this by going to classes, but that’s the long-winded, old fashioned way. The modern way to do your drivers’ ed is online.

If you go to classes, you have to physically go to wherever they are held, and if you do an hour a week it will take nearly eight months to complete the course. When you have all sorts of after-school activities, and homework to deal with, it’s not always convenient.

Taking drivers ed online can be done from anywhere you’ve got an internet connection whenever it suits you.

The GA Driver Safety online course has a built-in timer which records the hours you have done, and when you have completed the course and passed the final test you will get a certificate of completion issued by the DDS by email, and be able to apply for your provisional license.

Now that’s the modern, easy way to take the Georgia driving tests.