You would never expect to sing in front of an audience and get a round of applause unless you spent a lot of time practicing.

You wouldn’t expect to become a theoretical physicist unless you spent a lot of time practicing.

You wouldn’t fancy your chances of flying a transatlantic airliner without spending a lot of time practicing. In fact, unless you HAD spent a lot of time practicing, you wouldn’t be allowed anywhere near the controls of a passenger plane with real people in it.

But it’s amazing that lots of teen drivers in Georgia think that they can get away with learning to drive and pass all their tests without practicing.

You Have To Practice to learn to Drive

You absolutely HAVE to practice.

That’s why we developed our online course that covers all of the 30 hours work that you need to do. That is if you want to get your provisional license at age 16 instead of waiting another year until you are 17.

(Just in case you wanted to know, a year is 8,760 hours, so you may well find it worthwhile to spend 30 hours doing our online course and save yourself 8,730 hours waiting time!).

Seriously though, we devised our online course to help Georgia teens comply with the law, and get their full license as early as possible. It is fully compliant with Joshua’s Law, and is recognized by the Georgia DDS.

Everything You Need To Know: About Online Drivers Training in Georgia

Our online learning center covers absolutely everything that you need to know. Nothing is left out. With our present special half price offer at less than 30 bucks, it’s a steal. (That’s not even the price of a dinner out for mom and dad, so they should be happy to give you that).

One of the beauties of our Georgia practice drivers test online is that you can work at it at your own pace. It has a built-in timer which means that whenever you log on and study – even if it’s only for 15 minutes – it all counts towards your total of 30 hours.

This is just SO convenient. You don’t have to go to classes once a week for the next six months or more. You can just fit in your studying when you have a bit of spare time. You can work as slowly or as fast as you like. In fact, you could complete the whole 30 hours in a couple of weeks if you wanted to.

When you have finished your 30 hours Georgia practice drivers test, you’ll need to take the exam. By working online, you can take the exam as many times as you need to in order to pass.

Once you have passed, the DDS will be notified, and we’ll send you your certificate by email. What could be easier?