Berkeley, California – April 29, 2016., a top-rated provider of driver’s education online for California residents at, is proud to announce that it has featured four exemplary essays submitted to its ‘youth forward’ scholarship program. Open to High School and college students from across the United States, and not just California, the scholarship program is based on an essay contest that will award three $1500 scholarships in support of college education.

“The response to our call for essay submissions has been tremendous, and not just from big California cities like Los Angeles, Santa Clara, San Diego or Bakersfield,” explained Azhar Mirza, Managing Director of He continued, “In fact, we are featuring four non-California submissions in our first post; all exemplify the spirit of philanthropy that we are seeking to encourage in young people today. ”

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To read excerpts of the four submissions, as well as click over to them in toto, interested parties are pointed to There, one can also learn more about the scholarship at High school counselors as well as financial aid offices in California are urged to reach out to to see how they can jointly promote this innovative scholarship opportunity.

Scholarship Details

The Youth Forward scholarship seeks to reward a commitment to volunteerism among young people close to driving age (whether older or younger). To apply, applicants need to submit an essay of less than 500 words in Microsoft Word format. Questions to be answered in the essay include the area chosen for volunteer service, the hours per week, the biggest challenge, the most satisfying experience, and what has been learned by the volunteer engagement.

Qualities in Common

While the four featured essays are not the winners, they have been selected for what they show about the correct spirit in terms of volunteerism. First and foremost, each of the essayists all tried. It might seem obvious, but they put digital pen to digital paper and described their commitment to volunteerism in 2016. One can’t win, if one doesn’t try, and one can’t change the world just by thinking about it. Action must be taken. All of these four authors are “taking action” to make the world a better place, and “taking action” by submitting their essays. Second, they all have focused on unique and different ways to make a difference. There is no one single calling for all people: one might find it important to identify and locate backpacks for needy kids, whereas another works in a homeless shelter. One isn’t better, or worse: but both are different and unique. Find a niche, and fill it. Third, a commitment to doing good knows no geographic boundary. Of course, is here in California, with HQ in Berkeley, but the leading online drivers education service finds inspiration all over the country from Mississippi to Alabama to Detroit and to Virginia. Wherever a young person is, he or she can make a difference: one need not to travel thousands of miles! Finally, each essay exhibits a commitment to the process as well as the outcome. It’s not about “fixing” society, it’s about “participating” in making it better. Don’t get discouraged that society can’t be fixed in a jiffy.

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